My name is Rohit Colin Rao and I am a filmmaker, musician and software architect in the Washington, DC area. If you’re interested in my technology consulting, you can check out Gitbox Studios!

Ultrasonic, my first feature film, got a limited distribution deal and was released in June 2012 in 10 cities theatrically, Comcast OnDemand, FIOS On Demand.  It is now available on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.  Most of the critics gave it middling reviews, but Brent Simon of the LA Film Critics Association didn’t.  I’m proud of his review of Ultrasonic.

I’m working on my next script, tentatively titled “Fortunate Son”.  I have a first draft written and will be posting updates here about its progress.

I’ve been working on music since I was a kid, and have a couple of independently produced albums that I’ll be posting up here.  I’m also working on new music for the soundtrack of Fortunate Son.

By day, I’m a Sr. Software Architect.  I specialize in JavaScript heavy applications that use technologies like Node.js, Backbone, etc..

Here, you will find my projects, both old and new, as well as info about events and other independent artists I am inspired by.

Feel free to contact me directly via email: ro atsign rohitrao dawt com

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  1. I am personally going to help fund your next movie by purchasing Code 🙂 Thanks for the great music!

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