My Music

Rohit Colin Rao playing with the Translucents at the High Dive in Seattle WA


Rohit Colin Rao – Code


The Translucents

Live Performances

Some videos of my live performances, past and present.

I took classical violin lessons starting around age 5.  I played violin for about 10 years before I picked up a guitar.  I will always be a guitar player at heart, and music will always be my first love.

In high school, a couple of buddies and I started our first band. It was four of us, one white guy, a korean guy, a hispanic guy and me (indian guy). We called the band Mutt, we thought it was pretty clever. Nothing much came of that band except a bunch of noise in a basement.

In college I started a band with Joe Shin (from Mutt) called Substation 9. We went on to record a full length LP, titled IO655, it was my first studio experience (small basement studio in this band’s house) and it was amazing.

My next main music project was a band called The Translucents. I will be putting up a section on this project, we recorded an LP called Roots Run Deep in 2007.

My current music project is called Tigertronic. It has had a few different iterations with varying members over the years. I hope to continue to put out music as Tigertronic, both LPs and film soundtracks.

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