The Translucents

The Translucents - indie rock band from Seattle

Download Roots Run Deep here

The Translucents’ only full-length album.

The band started in 2006. It was a short run but man was it fun. The four of us definitely had a musical chemistry that worked. One of the highlights was playing live on KEXP in Seattle. This is how it happened

Knapp’s little stunt with the CD got us a play the very next day on the morning show. We also received a call inviting us to come and do a live set on their show Audioasis. Here are some pics of us playing live on KEXP.

2 responses to “The Translucents

  1. Watched “Ultrasonic” on Netflix. It is a very good film with a great soundtrack. I was watching for 5-10 min. before I even realized it was recorded in black and white. I downloaded “Roots Run Deep” and love that too. Great work Rohit. I hope to hear and see a lot more from you in the future. You have great skills and talent. Thanks!

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